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SpeedStats, is your number one iPhone app for finding out BHP, 0-60mph, 1/4 mile, top speed, 0-100mph, torque power stats for a wide range of vehicles. You can even use the app to calculate your own 1/4 mile time!

Ever wanted to know instantly the performance data and statistics of a car you have seen drive by, or even your dream car Well, with the SpeedStats iPhone app you can instantly see these details and much more, add several cars to your compare list and view side by side the cars details and which one is more powerful, organise the data by top speed and see which is faster, or even just find out which car has the most Brake Horse Power. The app also has hi resolution graphics for the iPhone 4 and comes pre loaded with over 1,000 cars. With our unique database integration we can add cars to the iPhone app in real time without having to provide an application update. What are you waiting for? Speed Stats is available in the App Store NOW!

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Speed Stats iPhone App - Car BHP & performance statistics on your apple iPhone

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